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Stack of three rainbow soaps

by Kim Hughes

(Soaps of Hues - cute, huh?)

A few years ago, a dear friend moved in with me after selling her home in Boulder and before moving to WA. Our college-aged daughters joined us, along with two golden retrievers, my 11-year-old dog, and my daughter's bunny. We shared a chick-flick, salad-and-chocolate, laughter-filled month, and one day, my friend shared her expertise in making homemade soaps. She lit a flame that turned into a passion - I was quickly obsessed with trying new recipes, colors, scents, techniques and watching every YouTube video available!

I'm actually a musician, a mother, a crocheter, a gardener, a house-re-doer, a dog-adopter, living a simple life ... and now a soaper! How did that happen? They say that the best things come from the intersection of practicality and passion. Once I became aware of homemade soaps as an alternative to commercial, detergent-filled bars, I couldn't turn back. I love everything about the process and find myself falling asleep dreaming of new designs - then waking up filled with energy to try them. I've met wonderful people at sales who also believe in natural soaps, request specific scents, throw out ideas, tell me of new venues, laugh at my jokes - and support my new passion. Every batch of soap is a new creation, beautiful in its own, inspiring, and healthy!!

What comes next will be my future, my journey, my her-story, all from following a dream.

I'm so glad you stopped by! Feel free to send me your story - I'd love to hear from you!


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