Each jar is hand painted, baked to set the colors, and then filled with 100% soy wax, also hand poured. After the candle phase, the jar can be reused for a variety of things.




Honeysuckle (name & fragrance), yellow and white flowers, yellow wax *

Pink Tulips, Tulips fragrance, pink and white flowers, pink wax

Lilac (name & fragrance), purple, pink and white flowers, light purple wax *

Cotton Clean (name & fragrance), blue and white flowers, blue wax *

Violas & Violets (name & fragrance), purple, blue and yellow pansies, purple wax *

April Showers, Sweet Rain fragrance, 6 rainbow colors, wildflowers with rain falling, white wax

Sweet Pea (name & fragrance), pink, green, purple design, white wax *


*Check out the matching Soaps in these scents!!

Bath Salts (8oz jars) are available, too. Ask about making an entire set.

Spring Candles